The Tomorrow Networks Difference

We started Tomorrow Networks with the singular mission of solving one of the biggest challenges facing brand marketers: how to connect brands to their target audiences more precisely and at a scale that would be meaningful to their businesses.

As a group of media and technology professionals, we recognized that there were only two solutions on the market, each addressing opposing ends of this problem. On one end were vertical publisher models that provided qualified reach but lacked scale, and on the other end were network aggregators who provided scale but were limited in targeting precision. What’s more, they were mutually exclusive.

We were also witnessing a dramatic shift in media consumption patterns, with mobile poised to be our most viewed screen, creating an access point across all age groups. Add to this the opportunity to leverage location information endemic to mobile and we saw an opportunity to learn how people move and act in the real world in ways that hadn’t been done before.

So we built a model and methodology that leveraged this intelligence in new and innovative ways. We've evolved significantly since those early days, factoring in new information that helps us learn what influences and drives consumers’ decisions, and we continue to be laser-focused on finding the best data-driven solutions to solve for a growing set of marketing challenges.