Health Is Human

Health is as human as it gets.  And delivering your brand’s health and wellness message with meaningful context is different than promoting a trendy new fashion or bestselling book. That’s why we made it our business to focus on health—everything from prescription and over-the-counter medications, to hospitals, health insurance, pharmacies, and baby and healthy household needs.

With this core strength in health we are more strongly positioned to gather data and signals and draw insights that relate to other parts of our lives. To that we apply qualifying data and location-based insights to connect audiences with brands that can bring them value—even when they’re not actively seeking them out. Because let’s face it: despite the fact that health is a vital force in people’s lives, they spend relatively little time actively researching it. But when it comes time and place to make a decision—or even ask their doctor a question—having the right information surfaced to them can be highly influential in the choices they make.