Prescription for Success

Cut through the noise to reach consumers about treatments that matter to them, when they are most receptive to the messaging and most likely to take action.

We leverage data and location-based insights to develop and execute mobile advertising campaigns that move the market and deliver measurable ROI for pharmaceutical brands. Whatever the challenge—managed care pull-through, competitive blunting, declining share, TV efficiency, or new product launches—we provide customized solutions that leverage healthcare provider-level insights to deliver scalable campaigns among qualified audiences


Point-of-care geo-targeting

Whether you’re targeting patients or professionals, deliver your brand message in the precise locations where healthcare conversations are happening: key physicians’ offices, hospitals and pharmacies.


Rx hotspots

Through our proprietary data, we’ve identified thousands of locations where brand requests are most likely to convert to new prescriptions—putting you in front of potential customers who are primed to take action.


Qualified health audience

Our rich audience profiles give you multiple ways to slice and segment your audience—by condition, demographic, location, purchase data and more—ensuring you hit the targets on your radar, and learn about new ones who should be.


Maximizing your media spend

When every dollar matters—and must be accounted for—our solutions provide the scale of TV with the precision and measurability of mobile.


We protect privacy

Don’t trust just any mobile marketer with something this sensitive. We’ve built our reputation on delivering healthcare campaigns that understand, respect and protect personal privacy.


Integration with other proven patient and provider engagement solutions

As a division of Aptus Health, our location-based mobile campaigns complement Aptus Health’s other proven multi-channel marketing solutions; unified reporting illustrates the impact of a “surround sound” approach.