Creating Rx Lift With Less Indigestion


A large, mature gastrointestinal drug brand was seeing a decline in prescribing volume and fighting hard to compete with young upstarts. Our goal, and theirs, was to influence prescribing behavior among target writers to slow the decline of new prescriptions written for their brand. 

Solution Design

  • Develop a heat map of the U.S. based on multiple criteria including regional prevalence rates of the targeted condition, Rx market volume, managed markets access, demographic data and historical ad performance metrics. 
  • Launch a point-of-care and ZIP code level geo-targeting campaign to maximize reach among consumers at or near target writer locations; this resulted in more than 38,000 prescribing offices across more than 13,000 ZIP codes.
  • Gain and act on campaign insights, including purchasing preferences and other behavioral insights that allowed us to further optimize the campaign by hyper-targeting original consumer groups based on what they buy and where they spend their time.


  • In just three months, the campaign delivered a 4% increase in new prescriptions, yielding a 5:1 Return on Investment among target writers of the brand. 
  • This campaign also essentially doubled the client’s ROI by exposing the brand to a group who was previously inactive and wasn’t being called on by sales representatives.