Fewer Sniffles, More OTC Sales



During spring allergy season, an over-the-counter allergy remedy promotes brand awareness and offers discounts to adults 25-54 in hyper-targeted neighborhoods based on sales data and concentrations of key retail partners—and adds rich, device-level consumer data to refine the audience and make the experience even more relevant at the point of sale to help drive sales.

Solution design

  • Leverage the combination of audience segments from the Tomorrow Networks database with precise geo-targeting at the point of care/sale to deliver brand messaging at moments that are most contextually relevant to the consumer 
  • Layer consumer purchasing data from our partner, Neustar, to reach people who have a high propensity for purchasing nasal sprays and eye drops and live in or travel to cities with high pollen levels.
  • Develop multiple retail-specific campaigns that map to geographies where individual retailers are concentrated, to improve relevance of the individual messages and increase likelihood of driving a sale. 


Tomorrow Networks’ smart geo-targeting worked! Campaign performance indexed 3 times higher than the brand’s digital campaign average, across multiple client-provided KPIs.   Fewer untreated allergy sufferers; more people enjoying the springtime weather thanks to an OTC.