Welcome to the NEW CONTEXT!

With 163MM smartphone users in the US and more than 80% of doctors using mobile devices at work, there’s a seismic shift occurring in the way advertisers can approach their audiences via mobile.

Tomorrow Networks is the leading provider of data-driven mobile solutions focused exclusively on the needs of healthcare and lifestyle advertisers. In the new mobile era, context for a brand is no longer limited to content alone;  thanks to the convergence of big data, technology and massive audience scale, Tomorrow Networks can help advertisers reach their audiences in new, innovative and intelligent ways.

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Benefits For Application Developers

Have you created a high-quality and engaging medical app and are you looking to monetize it beyond charging a fee per download? By joining the Tomorrow Networks eco-system, you will become part of a large and growing network of developers and publishers focused on improving the workflow and information accessed by medical professionals. Tomorrow Networks will in turn provide you with a new revenue stream through premium in-app advertising.

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Benefits For Advertisers And Marketers

Ready to join the mobile advertising revolution? Tomorrow Networks offers you a distinct advantage by combining massive scale to both medical professional and consumer audiences, leading in-app ad serving technology and data analysis and insights to identify your key target audiences in a unique way that simply isn’t available via traditional web outlets.

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